Basic Features

  • CommPortal
    CommPortal is Aeneas's next-generation customer interface, delivering network-based services and configuration capabilities via the web. CommPortal allows Aeneas customers to access and manage their individual telephony services, enabling customization of call features, access to contacts and missed calls, visual voicemail, and more.

  • Call Features
    • Anonymous Call Rejection - Automatically rejects all calls from callers who have withheld their number.
    • Call Barring - Enables customer to prevent access to specific types of numbers (for example international or premium0rate calls) from this line.
    • Call Forwarding (Busy) - Forwards incoming calls to a different number when the dialed number is busy.
    • Call Forwarding (Delayed) - Forwards incoming calls to a different number if the call is not answered within a specified length of time or number of rings.
    • Call Forwarding (Selective) - Forwards incoming calls from numbers selected by the customer.
    • Call Forwarding (Unavailable) - Forwards incoming calls to a different number when the dialed number is unavailable, for example if the telephone is unplugged or has lost power.
    • Call Forwarding (Unconditional) - Forwards all incoming calls to a different number.
    • Caller ID Presentation
    • Calling Name - Displays the name of the incoming caller before the customer answers the call.
    • Calling Number Delivery - Displays the number of the incoming caller before the customer answers the call.
    • Calling Number Delivery Block - Specifies whether the customer's number is delivered to the called party by default. The customer can override this configuration on a call-by-call basis by dialing a code before dialing the number.
    • FMFM Enhanced (Line Hunting) - Allows customer to specify a list of numbers that are rung whenever his/her line is called, and an order for those numbers. Each number is rung in order (and several numbers can be rung simultaneously) until one of them answers the call, or the list is exhausted.

  • Voice Mail*
    Aeneas voicemail delivers all the capatilites of a traditional hosted voice messaging system and more. Full integration with our CommPortal web-based graphical user interface (GUI), can revitalize traditional voicemail offerings.

  • Easy Auto Attendant
    An automated receptionist that is specifically tailored to meet the needs of small businesses.

  • Web-based phone setup

  • Analog Devices Supported


Premium Features:

Premium plans include all of the above basic features plus:

  • Multi-Line Hunt Group (MLHG) Basic Queue*
    Allows calls to a Pilot Directory Number to be routed to a free line within the Hunt Group, based on one of a number of algorithms including Round Robin, Longest Idle, Circular, or Linear. Additionally, calls to a busy line within the Hunt Group an optionally be handled in the same way as calls to the Pilot Directory Number. When all lines are busy, incoming calls may be held in a queue.

  • Premium Call Manager
    An advanced call handling service that enables individual customers to configure powerful rule-sets which are applied to incoming calls, facilitating real-time actions such as forwarding or rejection.

  • Reminders
    An alarm-call service, which allows customers to configure either one-off reminders for a specific date in the future, or regular calls at the same time each day.


A La Carte Features

  • Easy Attendant
  • Premium Attendant
  • Call Reporting
  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) Basic
  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) Premium
  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) Supervisor
  • CommPortal Assistant
    A lightweight software client that runs on a customer's PC, CommPortal Assistant augments the standard CommPortal web interface with pop-ups, desktop toolbars, and more.
  • Live Message Screening
    Replicate the answering machine experience by enabling customers to listen as voicemails are being deposited and break-in to the call at the push of a button.
  • Additional Multi-Line Hunt Group (MLHG) Basic Queues
  • Video Calling

Feature only available with Premium Package. Feature cost not included.



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