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Optional Long Distance Plans

If you’re tired of not having a choice in long distance providers, Aeneas has good news for you! Aeneas now offers affordable long distance options in Crockett County with our dial around method!

Pay a low monthly fee of $3.95/month and your long distance is just 10˘/min.*

Here’s how it works in just 4 easy steps:

1) Dial 731-436-9999
3) Enter the 8 digit PIN number you chose at sign up.
2) Enter 1 + the 10 digit number you wish to call
4) Your call will be connected and you can talk as long as you like for just 10˘/min.*

Our dial around method helps to cut your long distance costs, but if you want to make your calls without any extra dialing, we have a plan for you as well!

To make your calls without the dial around, you can pay a low monthly fee of $3.95/month and your long distance is just 12.9˘/min.*

*PIC code charges by other telephone companies are not included in this price.
Taxes and FCC charges apply.

This plan is currently available in Crockett county only.