This job description encompases requirements for two open positions: Fiber Plant Installer and Fiber Plant Manager. Please make a note of what position you are applying for or if you are open to both positions. Your qualifications will determine which position is best suited for you. Persons in these positions are responsible for Fiber Networking Planning, Fiber Splicing, Database Creation and Maintenance, Fiber Loss Budget Planning, Fiber Network Bill of Materials, Inside Plant Fiber Terminations, and Optical Network Documentation.

Installer Duties

  • Supervising and/or installing all outside plant as well as last mile connectivity to customer premises
  • Developing and implementing a fiber inventory and mapping system
  • Developing and implementing a business continuity plan for outside plant "rapid response, restoration, & repair"
  • Ensuring fiber network design solutions can be supported and maintained within the local network capacity and topology
  • Working with contractors (if necessary) in the fiber design of the network solutions
  • Creating engineering design document/diagrams supporting the proposed solution
  • Maintaining/updating outside plant fiber & inside plant optical network documentation
  • Draft outside plant fiber routes and maintain splicing database
  • Complete and maintain final as build documents for fiber routing, sheath sizing, slicing matrix, and headend or hub fiber terminations
  • Ensuring solution designs meet company standards and policies
  • Adhering to industry specific local, state, and federal regulations, as applicable
  • Develop bill materials per project requirements
  • Being an advocate for Aeneas Communications, LLC, its interest, and public perception
  • Being an advocate and protector of Aeneas Communications, LLC's budgeting and expenses
  • Maintaining current knowledge of industry and emerging technology trends within the industry and assist in the education of the Sales Associates on technical requirements and/or issues
  • All other matters pertaining to outside plant
  • All other matters requested by Aeneas management

Manager Duties

All duties listed above as well as:

  • Training and supervising staff on fiber optic installation, splicing and all things fiber optic related
  • Cost estimation and budgeting for outside plant
  • Establishing and enforcing safety protocols for outside field personnel
  • Training outside field personnel in customer etiquette
  • Recruitment of outside plan personnel


  • Applicant must live in Madison or adjoining county. No out of state applications will be accepted
  • Proven troubleshooting skills
  • Demonstrated performance in a technical work environment
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Must be well-groomed and have good social skills for interfacing with customers
  • Experience with fiber termination and splicing preferred

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